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Buy Suhagra (Cipla) 100mg Sildenafil Citrate Online -

US Brand: Viagra

Indian (Generic) Brand: Suhagra

Manufacturing: Cipla

Active Substance: Sildenafil Citrate

Dosage: 100mg

Form release: Blister 4 tabs

Order: through enquiry form

Shipping time: 9 – 14 days

Suhagra is a drug for treating erectile problems from the Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla. Pharmacologically, it is a generic (analogue) of Viagra, has a similar component composition and efficiency at a much lower cost. The drug has successfully passed clinical trials and received an international certificate of compliance. The active component of Sukhagra is sildenafil, which triggers natural mechanisms responsible for the appearance of an erection. To achieve a noticeable effect in most cases, 25 mg of sildenafil is sufficient, if necessary, the dosage can be increased.

Suhagra is available in a single form - in the form of tablets with a content of sildenafil of 100 mg. Increased dosage allows you to economize the drug or use it to treat severe cases of erectile dysfunction. For convenience, each tablet has a dimensional divider: it can easily be divided into two or four parts.

Suhagra has a deferred effect: the first noticeable effects occur within 30 minutes after ingestion. To achieve the desired results, a tablet of Sukhagra should be taken for half an hour or an hour before the planned sexual contact.

Biological activity of the drug lasts an average of 24 hours, reaching a peak within the first four hours after administration. It is excreted mainly by the liver (up to 80%) and kidneys, trace amounts are excreted by sweat glands.

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