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Buy Provigil (Modafinil) 200mg - India's Brands »

US Brand: Provigil

Indian (Generic) Brands:

Modalert | Modvigil | Modafresh

Manufacturing: SunPharma / HAB / Sunrise

Active Substance: Modafinil

Dosage: 100mg / 200mg

Form release: Blister 10 tablets

Order: through enquiry form

Shipping time: 9 – 14 days

Modafinil - an analeptic, is used to treat drowsiness associated with narcolepsy.

600 milligrams - so much modafinil was needed by the pilots of the US Air Force to spend 40 hours without sleep. At the same time, the rate of their reaction and accuracy remained practically at the same level.

In the state of Maryland, the drug is used in long operations by police to improve concentration, and the journal of the Canadian Medical Society claims that in the medicine kit for astronauts on the ISS modafinil is present "in order to optimize performance when fatigued."

Modafinil is a drug from the class of analeptics. The task of this class of drugs is to influence the centers of the medulla oblongata in order to stimulate the vital functions of respiration and circulation. In other words, modafinil invigorates.

Modafinil, as well as adderall and ritalin, most often prescribed with a syndrome of attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy. But in the case of modafinil, it is often used as an amplifier of cognitive abilities.

The drug is often used by American students during sessions, as well as by people who want to increase their productivity. In the US, modafinil is sold in pharmacies, in Russia it can not be bought in this way - the drug has not been registered with the RF Ministry of Health and is illegal. Scientists and doctors agree that the drug has virtually no side effects. The psychiatrist of the University of California, James McGough (James McGough) says that the effects of an overdose of modafinil are the same as with an overdose of coffee - nervousness and abdominal pain. According to him, the drug is not addictive.

Modafinil is widely used not for its intended purpose, to suppress the need for sleep. It is also used without a doctor's prescription to deal with general fatigue not related to lack of sleep, for example, for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and as an addition to antidepressants (in particular, persons with significant residual fatigue).

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